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Future Journalists Meet TRT News Reporter Ali Artmaz

Future Journalists Meet TRT News Reporter Ali Artmaz
TRT News Washington DC Correspondent Ali Artmaz came together with the students of the Faculty of Communication and shared his experience.

Within the scope of the program series aiming to bring together media professionals and students jointly organized by our faculty and the Communication Platform, TRT News Washington DC Correspondent Ali Artmaz met with Ibn Haldun University students at the Media Center Shireen Abu Akleh Studio on December 5, 2023.

Artmaz, who has been working abroad for the last three years, shared his experiences in the field of journalism and the characteristics of being a reporter with the audience in the program presented by our faculty member Dr. Hakkı Öcal.

The Tendency to Avoid Fieldwork Harms Journalism

Ali Artmaz emphasized that the most important quality a journalist should have is knowledge, and that the second most important quality is conscience, adding that being sensitive to fake news that misleads people is one of the biggest responsibilities of the journalism profession. 

In his speech, he emphasized that journalism is a work of passion, that it cannot be done without love and that it sometimes requires sacrifice from family and personal life, and that the tendency to avoid field work, which he called "reporter ego", harms the journalism profession, and that real journalism is done in the field.

Ali Artmaz's interactive program, in which he gave gifts to those who answered the questions he posed to the audience correctly, was an important guide for students who want to step into the journalism profession and professionals in the sector.