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Student Focused End of Semester Evaluation Meetings were Held

Student Focused End of Semester Evaluation Meetings were Held
Faculty members of our Department of New Media and Communication came together with undergraduate students at the end of the semester meetings and held consultations.

Under the leadership of our New Media and Communication Department Head Assoc. Mehmet Karanfiloğlu, end-of-semester evaluation meetings were held with the undergraduate students of the Department of New Media and Communication. In the sessions held separately with each class in New Media and Communication, the difficulties faced by the students during the education process and their expectations from the department were scrutinized. In the meetings held with the direct participation of the students, the success status of each student was examined in detail. 

While emphasizing the student-oriented approach and continuous improvement goal of our University in the meetings where critical notes were taken to improve the education programs and teaching methods with the contributions of the academic staff as well as the head of the department, it was noted that such meetings where students and academics come together and make consultations are an important step towards keeping student satisfaction at the highest level as well as academic success.