Media and Communication



Technological and organizational change is exceptionally rapid in the world of communication. Those countries with greater command over (and more effective use of) communication technologies also exercise greater influence in setting the international agenda. Domestically, too, there is an urgent need for media and communication literacy in virtually every field. In Turkey this has led to a recent proliferation of faculties or departments of communication. The School of Communication at IHU offers a media and communication program that incorporates theory and practice in its response to both social requirements and global trends. Building on a theoretical education within the framework of distinctive and civilizational values, internships will be given special importance in the curriculum in order to ensure students’ vocational development. IHU students shall be improving their skills through practical training at a media center within the School of Communication to be established in cooperation with leading media corporations. Thanks to bilateral agreements with other universities, institutions or media organizations, our students will be maintaining a global vision throughout their academic and professional life.

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