Media and Communication


Communication Media and Content Management Master’s Program is launching

The Communication, Media, and Content Management master’s program is the first program of its kind in Turkey in this field of media and communication. It is designed for both candidates who want to pursue academic studies seeking solutions to current communication issues and candidates who are eager to pursue a professional master’s degree. Nowadays, it has become common practice to launch programs on a broader perspective covering sub-disciplines within the field of communication. In such programs, where the main courses of the communication are taught compulsory, courses for other areas of communication (such as newspapers, radio, TV, cinema, magazines and social media, advertising, public relations, and marketing communication) are offered as elective courses according to the student’s preference. The subject of the student’s thesis research is carried out under the control of academics from the relevant field. The goal of the master’s program is to produce the “content” required for channel instead of focusing on channel itself. Ibn Haldun University Communication, Media and Content Management Graduate Program (100% English) aims to instruct graduate students who can produce and manage the communication content required for both the media sector and all other communication-related sectors and who can conduct academic researches in communication.

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